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Money Gone: Riley Says Heat Can't Afford New Players

Miami Heat president Pat Riley said Thursday that the Heat can't afford new players because he can see the luxury tax from his house.

"I am not going over the tax to sign anybody," Riley said. "Unless my boss approves that. We paid a huge tax bill last year and we're not going there again. We're going to have to manage our team from where we are. If there are some trades that we can do that can really help the team, then I'll do them. But right now, we're not in the market for anybody because we really can't afford to sign anybody."

I've got to tell you, last year wasn't all that luxurious. It was pretty much a nicely-decorated crawlspace, in fact. But here's my question: how can Riley justify keeping Jason Richards, an undrafted, unproven, small-school point guard with a major injury, on the payroll? We've got three other point guards, each with more potential than Richards. It makes little to no sense to let him hold down a roster spot.

On the other hand, I'm glad Richards is there, because he's apparently preventing Riley from indulging his darker urges and signing someone like Stephon Marbury, Jamaal Tinsley or Shaun Livingston. Those guys are, respectively, too crazy, too frail, and too recently grotesquely injured to be added to the Heat's point guard rotation. As you were, three-headed monster.