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While I Was Sleeping: Weekend Heat Roundup

What is this, a 24-hour, 7-day news cycle or something? Here I am trying to spend the weekend with a little family, football and presidential debatin', and here comes a big flurry of Heat news. I know training camp opened and stuff, but that's just supposed to be innocuous quotes. Oh well, time to catch up:

  • Dwyane Wade cleared up the recent Newsday report of his interest in the Knicks, and like I thought, it was taken out of context: ``When they asked me about [Knicks coach] Mike D'Antoni, I said when I played with him in the Olympics, if it was between him and Nate McMillan, I love being on the court with him. Miami is where I want to be. If I say I like a city, people will say I want to be playing in that city. And that doesn't mean that at all.'' Wade added that his goal is to retire in Miami. Doesn't change a whole lot in my mind, because this doesn't mean he won't shop around in 2010. But it is nice to hear.
  • Kasib Powell is no more. A member of the Heat, I mean. The team and player reached a mutual agreement for him to bow out of the 9-man battle for backup small forward minutes.
  • Dorell Wright might miss all of training camp as he continues to rehab his knee.
  • Shawn Marion won't ask for a trade, even though a bunch of teams totally want him and it's not like he couldn't find a date if he had to. Marion is also as confused as everyone else as how to refer to a member of the team he plays for: he calls himself not a Heat, like you would call yourself a Knick or a Bull, but a Heat player. Yeah, I don't know either.
  • Other notes from that Herald story: Michael Beasley calls Udonis Haslem a "big brother," which doesn't reflect all that well on Haslem at this point...Chris Quinn plays the B-Rabbit card: "There's a level of underestimation because of the way I look." I don't get it, I think he's adorable...Haslem buys into the only way he's going t see starter's minutes, saying he's not "shying away" from the center position...Beasley takes pride in his defense now because coach Erik Spoelstra yelled at him. Hey Beasley; NO WEED!
  • Notes from Ira Winderman: Jamaal Magloire is just straight owning cats in workouts...Spoelstra is stressing defense, as promised...Beasley's not in Manhattan anymore: "Everyboy's good.".
  • Wade matches my recent sentiments about all players taking ownership of last year's embarrassment: "Everybody in here should have a chip on their shoulders about something." I like to see Wade putting aside the happy-happy-joy-joy of the Olympics and return to a redemptive mindset.
  • Beasley's acting like a goofball again, which is perceived as a positive sign.
  • Jason Williams retired abruptly on Friday. As a longtime fan, I'd like to thank him for his contributions to the league and especially the Heat and wish him the best in future endeavors.
  • The Post's Dave George compares the Heat's rebuilding efforts to that of the Dolphins.