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Miami Heat Items, 9/30

  • Clips Nation joins me in wondering what the hell is going on with Shaun Livingston. The firmest information we have so far is Livingston's agent telling Ira Winderman that his client is "leaning toward" Miami. As ClipperSteve points out, this begs the question of who exactly Livingston is leaning away from, since he's already shot down the Clippers and Minnesota and Portland have said no after ever-so-gently kicking his tires. It's not looking like he's ready to contribute anything at this point. Still, I've kind of got the feeling he'll end up here eventually. We've got plenty of spare bodies to cut, and Livingston is a remarkable talent if, you know, he has the ability to walk upright.
  • Alonzo Mourning's book is out. I'll get to it when I'm done with this Nicholas Sparks novel.
  • Check out Erik Spoelsta, all young and hip and stuff. He put the Heat's playbook on an iPod Touch for each player, so they won't have to drag around those bulky dead trees. The devices also contain some game film and other relevant material, and players will be permitted to download music onto them. A great, progressive idea, but there's no way Michael Beasley doesn't leave his in a champagne room at some point this season. I hope his comes with a wallet chain.
  • Beasley strained his groin, and Udonis Haslem's foot hurts.
  • Nepotism always works out well in sports, right? Nick Arison, the 27-year-old son of owner Mickey Arison, is shooting up the organizational depth chart. Nick didn't work his way up from the mailroom or anything, but he has his share of hoops cred. The younger Arison's ascension may or may not have led to Randy Pfund's abrupt resignation as general manager. Tales of fraud and malfeasance!
  • In other news, I like to watch people play basketball. Enough with the phone trees and flowcharts.
  • FRIENDS. How many of us have them? Ones we can depend on?
  • BREAKING NEWS: Miami Heat's Wade Must Limit Turnovers. I disagree. No, I'm kidding, I agree.
  • Things I don't have in common with Michael Beasley: Money, fame, a post game, shooting range, a mischievous grin. Things I do have in common with Michael Beasley: a nomadic upbringing, a questionable sense of personal responsibility, and a love of eating food.
  • OK, you got me, I'll read past the first paragraph if that first paragraph is this: "Small forwards James Jones and Yakhouba Diawara, who both specialize in perimeter defense, could benefit from the absences of centers Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning." Do go on.
  • The neighboring Magic believe a championship is within reach this season.