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Richards Tears ACL; Quinny to the Rescue?

Reserve point guard Jason Richards is lost for the season due to an ACL tear, the Sun-Sentinel reports today.

Not to disparage Richards at a difficult time, but this doesn't make a huge dent in the point guard rotation, especially in light of this encouraging information:

However, Chris Quinn, who started the final 13 games of last season for the Heat at point guard and 25 overall in 2007-08, has been working out at AmericanAirlines Arena, and could wind up challenging for the opening-night start, especially if Chalmers is handed a suspension for last week's expulsion from the league's rookie transition program.

Quinn would be a welcome third member of the point guard platoon, joining Mario Chalmers and Marcus Banks. I'm kind of surprised he didn't get an offer this summer - he was decent enough last year. But we'll take him. The story also reports that Quinn has a two-year deal on the table from the Heat in addition to the qualifying offer, indicating that Pat Riley really wants him and isn't just stringing him along. This quote confirms that:

"It's up to Quinny," Heat President Pat Riley said. "We've offered him a couple years from the qualifying offer. He hasn't been able to bring us an offer. We want Quinny back. So he has the choice."

Quinny? Really? I expected better. That's a George W.-style nickname, just adding a vowel at the end of a name. You're better than that, Riles.

Anyway, Godspeed to Richards on the recovery, and to Quinn on signing the freaking contract already.