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Spurs 91 Heat 84; Time To Hit The Road

You can’t get that upset after games like this.  Of course nobody likes losing, but when I see the Heat playing a tight, playoff-like game against one of the best teams in the NBA (which they have done on several occasions this year), it gives me a really good feeling.  The fact that we are competitive with the best in the league says that the Heat are not that far away, and with a couple tweaks (say…James Jones and ‘Zo), we could be a very dangerous playoff team.


This game was a large-scale seesaw battle, with teams going on many runs to keep the score fluctuating.  The Spurs went on a 9-2 run in the 1st that was quickly countered by a 9-0 run by the Heat.  In the 3rd the Heat went on a 7-0 run to briefly take their 1st lead.  With the game still in question with less than 2 minutes left, Manu Ginobili came out of nowhere to make a ridiculous block on D-Wade that would have made it a 1-point game.  After that, the Heat could not get much going on offense. 

I’ll also give honorable mention to George Hill.  This guy came out of nowhere and had his best game since November, going 4-4 from the field and hitting 3 three pointers.  He also grabbed 7 boards. 


I think the chemistry growing between Dwayne Wade and Mario Chalmers could really end up being something special.  I say this because it isn’t just an on-the-court thing.  These guys like each other and Dwayne has really taken Chalmers under his wing.  While they are making some sick plays on offense, I see them supporting each other as well.  When Wade missed a free throw and dropped his arms in disgust, Chalmers came right over and said a few words to calm D-Wade down. 

Oh, and did you see Chalmers’ block on Bruce Bowen in the 2nd?  He is going to be something special.

I knew Matt Bonner was a handful on offense, but I didn’t realize what a great defender he is.  He is very physical which can wear out an opponent very quickly, especially the bug guys.  One thing I don’t understand is why they don’t use him more in the paint.  He can still take his outside looks, but he seems to enjoy the physical aspect of the game, so let him under the rim to do some dirty work. 

Shawn Marion continues to look horrible at times on offense.  He takes some ugly looking shots and its annoying that since he has such a ‘unique’ shooting style, it makes easy looks more difficult.  But then he’ll go on a tear like the one at the end of the first half, scoring the Heat’s last 7 points in the last 1:47, allowing Miami to go into the half tied at 39. 

Michael Beasley was fired up for this game.  He was hustling on both sides of the floor and grabbed a career-high 12 rebounds and added 15 points.  Despite not playing much of late, he isn’t afraid to shot, but I think he still needs to utilize his post-up game and drive a bit more. 

It was nice to see Chris Quinn out there, and he is just the model of consistency.  He only played 14 minutes but still provides a deadly 3-point threat and mediocre defense.  He hustles his ass off and shoots a high percentage, and who would rather have Marcus Banks out there instead of Quinny?  Nobody...?

Jamal Maglore had a great 1st quarter off the bench, grabbing 6 rebounds in 7 minutes.  Maglore and Beasley both benefiting from the elbowroom in the paint provided by the Spurs big guys and their tendencies to shoot from the outside. 


The Heat will now embark on a busy 7-game road trip that will take only 12 days. It will begin Wednesday in Denver, and that game will be nationally televised on ESPN.  I’m going to start posting live threads for games, so let me know if you are coming out!