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Heat Release Shaun Livingston

The Shaun Livingston experiment appears to be over as the Heat informed the guard of his release after Monday night’s loss to the Spurs.  If Livingston clears the 48-hour waiver period, he can be re-signed by the Heat up to 2 times on a 10-day contract basis, but that is unlikely. 

With the open roster spot, the Heat has the option to bring in another player on a 10-day contract basis, but I think this move was to make room for the possible return of Alonzo Mourning.  We knew that the Heat was going to have to make room for Zo if and when he came back, and this may be the move.  The heat are pretty good at the point guard position with Chalmers, Quinn and Banks so there was no need to hold on to Livingston.  Obviously he was not showing the progress that Pat Riley and Coach Spo were hoping for.  

This also pretty much locks up Jamaal Maglore for the remainder of the season.  He had already locked up half of his salary for this year, and will have the other half guaranteed as long as he is not released before Wednesday's game in Denver