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The Miami Heat have found their veteran back-up point guard. And he lives down the street.

The Godfather Ira Winderman is reporting that the Miami Heat has come to terms with point guard Carlos Arroyo for a one-year, non-guaranteed contract worth right around $1 million (link to follow). He went to Florida International Universitu, about a 20 minute drive down Calle Ocho from the AmericanAirlines Arena. He lives in Pinecrest currently, and told Winderman that he'll finally get to "use his house." Must admit, I love this signing. Ever since the 2004 Olympics when he took the U.S. team to the woodshed, I've liked Arroyo. He's been in Europe, and his defense isn't the stuff of legend, but he serves as a much more capable back-up than either John Lucas or Chris Quinn. Plus, I think he'll fit better in Miami than Jamaal Tinsley would. And just from a econo-sociological standpoint, it will not hurt the Heat to have a guy named Arroyo slinging it around.