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You learn something new blah blah blah: Rony Seikaly is a DJ? Rony Seikaly is a DJ.

Welcome to an all-new non-regular feature at Hot Hot Hoops: "You learn something new blah blah blah." In today's fast-paced world, you have neither the time to find interesting/worthless facts about your team on your own nor the time to finish clichés related to that fact-finding. That's what YLSNBBB is for! What better way to start this feature with the man who started it all for this franchise, center Rony Seikaly. Now, those of you who frequent the club scene may be familiar with this, but our favorite Lebanese rebounder has another talent: mixing sick beats. Don't believe me? The glossy cursive palm card doesn't lie! seikaly Discovered at Ball Don't Lie. H/T SKEETS!. BONUS FACT: Today is Jermaine O'Neal's birthday. In lieu of presents, please send a cash donation to the Miami Heat training staff.