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State of the Fan 2009: Which player will be most responsible for helping the Miami Heat exceed your expectations for the 2009-2010 regular season?

We're a week away from Opening Night, so I figured it'd be right around time to gauge how the average Miami Heat fan feels about their team going into a new season. So I'm going to ask a series of questions to find out how your feel. If you have additional thoughts, leave them in the comment section. Now let's build off the first question. Let's assume Miami exceeds your expectations. That would likely take at least one player exceeding their current level of performance. Who do you think that player would be? I've got my money on Supercool Beas. D-Wade is the engine of the team, but I just can't see him bringing much more than he's already done. Beasley will be itching to break out after his shakey offseason. So what do you think? Cast your vote now! [poll id="4"] Please cast only one vote, lets keep some type of integrity here.