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Miami Heat go streaking, come back from 18 down to top Memphis Grizzlies

Contact your cardiologists people, this looks like it's going to be a stressful season. In keeping with its preseason tradition of not making anything easy, the Heat trailed by 18 points in the first half, then went on a third-quarter tear to edge the Memphis Grizzlies, 99-93. Dwyane Wade led the path, as he's generally expected to do, racking up 35 points, 5 rebounds and 6 steals. In keeping with another preseason tradition, expected starter Michael Beasley did not play due to a banged-up shoulder and thumb. For the Miami fan, it is reassuring that Miami is consistantly in games despite being touched by injury after injury and even nicer to see the team start winning these games. The one thing that's been left wanting from these preseason showings is consistancy. Not from game to game, but from quarter to quarter. 11 out of 24 quarters played by the Miami Heat in the preseason have had a point differential of seven points or greater one way or the other. It's been bumpy to say the least. There's one more game left in the preseason, tonight against Jacksonville against Atlanta in the Veterans Memorial Arena. I'm very interested to see how this game will play out. I believe this game is a playoff preview, so no matter how little time the legitimate players get against each other, valuable information should be gained. Stay tuned for the State of the Fan poll for the day and a pretty loud rant on my part about television and the Heat. Six days people; can you feel it?