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State of the Fan 2009: Do you approve of Pat Riley's offseason moves (or lack thereof)?

We're less than a week away from Opening Night, so I figured it'd be right around time to gauge how the average Miami Heat fan feels about their team going into a new season. So I'm going to ask a series of questions to find out how your feel. If you have additional thoughts, leave them in the comment section. We're almost clear of the offseason, but the dominant story that didn't involve illicit substances involved the steadfast stance team president Pat Riley took towards acquiring players. Namely, he held firm to his expiring contracts and decided to wait until the 2010 offseason to extend Dwyane Wade and try to land another max-contract player. As I've mentioned before, I liked it. But more importantly fan base, what do you think? Yes, you liked it? Or no, you didn't? [poll id="5"] Please cast only one vote, lets keep some type of integrity here.