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I want my Heat TV!

When I turned on my television at 7:51 p.m. last night, I turned to Sun Sports, which airs almost every Miami Heat regular season game, unless the contest is being carried nationally. You would expect for me to be able to watch the team's preseason game agasint the Memphis Grizzlies. Instead, I got a 2008-2009 Miami Heat season in review which has its audio and video cut out intermittently. The A/V trouble is of no consequence. And I knew the game wouldn't be on. For some reason unknown to me, Sun Sports has seen to it that no preseason games are televised to the local market. And this enrages me. I get that running a live program requires paying people and using equipment. But it can't be that much, right? You do it 82 times a year! And I even understand you might not want to travel, with flights being so expensive nowadays. But at least do the home games! While you might want to keep attendance up, the lack of television isn't helping all that much, as the announced attendance for the game against the Grizzlies was only 10,096. I don't blame only Sun Sports; the Heat are also part of this. When they enter a television agreement with Sun Sports, they should stipulate that all games are covered. My understanding is that many teams don't televise their preseason games, but Miami is different. This is a major media market with one of the most marketable superstars in sports. People are going to tune in for that. It should be a good decision for the fans, the team and Sun Sports, which would surely attract higher ratings with live programming than a poorly-transmitted season in review. The Heat have a fantastic broadcast team and fans should be able to see and hear them whenever the team plays. Seems like simple math to me, but what do I know.