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Erik Spoelstra still mum on Heat's starting lineup

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It appears that we are going to have to wait until Wednesday to find out what starting lineup Erik Spoelstra is going to roll out. The coach told reporters after Heat practice on Monday that he wasn't trying to be super secretive or anything, but that he wants to keep his players minds on nothing other then playing.

"It's not that I'm trying to have a veil of secrecy over everything that comes out of this gym," he said. "I just want the focus right now on playing and nothing else. It's a long time in between games and a lot can be filled in players' heads within that time."

The whole lineup inst a secret; I'm sure we can pencil in Dwyane Wade at the 2, Chalmers at the point and Jermaine O'Neal at center. It comes down to if Michael Beasley, who we could see in several different places on Wednesday night. It seemed that the goal was to get him ready to start at small forward, but he could also end up playing power forward which brings the question of whether Beasley will start over Udonis Haslem (more likely) or have Beasley come off the bench.

If Beasley ends up playing power forward, then there will be decision between Quentin Richardson and James Jones of who starts at the 3. Judging by what we saw in the preseason, I'd say Jones deserves a spot. Either way, it's nice to have options. Hopefully the decision will continue to be a tough one, and in a sense that both players are playing well.