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Knicks playin' the Heat? That's a paddlin'. Miami rolls New York, 115-93

Well, that's a good way to start a season, no? Whatever you're expecting from the Miami Heat this season, you have to be excited by the performance put on by the Miami Heat Wednesday night. The defense was stifling, the passing was supreme and the inside game was dominant, as Miami crushed New York, 115-93. To me, the biggest and most pleasant surprise has to be Jermaine O'Neal, who I think got tired of being called a corpse by Bill Simmons. He says he feels healthier than ever, and a double-double with 22 points and 12 rebounds seems to prove the point. He just looked dominant. I think the most surprising thing is that Dwyane Wade was kind-of rendered an afterthought in this game. He scored 26 points with 5 rebounds and assists, but the balanced performance by the team overshadows his individual performance. Five players (Wade, O'Neal, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Daequan Cook). Everyone who considers themselves a Heat fan has to be happy to see that, even Dwyane Wade himself; remember, he wants Miami to be a winner if he winds up resigning. So, what's the take away from tonight? I know the Knicks aren't exactly the Cavs or Celtics, but after living with Knicks fans for three years, I've watched them win plenty of games they shouldn't have, including a season-opener last year. You still have to win the game, and Miami did that in dominant fashion. Miami takes to the road now, heading to Indiana to play the Pacers. Another game Miami should have the advantage in. We'll see how it plays out.