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The season tips off tonight! (Not really, but kinda). I'm watching one guy...

The unofficial tip-off of the season is tonight people! Which also means nothing that really matters happens tonight. But there will be some interesting things to watch (there's an issue with this statement which I'll point out shortly). The foremost of which is how Micheal Beasley will do out of rehab and in the starting job at small forward. I've already made my opinion on Beasley's development known (hint: I think he's going to be good this year), but his play in this game will be very interesting. Of course, it's only a preseason game and it doesn't count, but perhaps more in this game than any other preseason game, Beasley's performance should be telling. He's just trudged through the worst NBA offseason since Kobe went to the mountains for rehab. That misstep cost him over $4 million in rock and nearly his freedom. This wasn't nearly as severe, but many now question Beasley's long-term viability. You think he's going to be eager to jump out of the building tonight? I certainly hope so. If not, that long-time knock on him that he doesn't have the killer instinct might be proven in 48 minutes. Tip-off is in Detroit tonight at 7:30. According to the Miami Heat's website, they're no local television broadcast of any of the Miami Heat's games, which blows my mind, because FSFlorida and SunSports will be showing some awful programming this month. I feel a blog post coming about that soon. But the game can be heard on 940 am WINZ, the Sports Animal (love hokey sports radio nicknames). So get those high-quality headphones and get ready for some basketball! A programming note: A link on the left-hand side of the page now will take you to the team's full 2009-2010 schedule, provided by the Miami Heat. Great way to see what's coming up. I don't know if the scores will auto-adjust, but hopefully they will. Also, I think there's some way to import it into your own Google calendar, but I can't tell you how. I got you this far, carry it over the goal line yourself champ.