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The Miami Heat start playing basketball! And they lose to Detroit, 87-83...

Sloppy and in foul trouble. Not a good way to start down the road of the 2009-2010 season. The Heat fell behind early and basically threw away their roster-testing game plan in the first quarter. They did come back and almost win it after falling way behind, but that wasn't the point of this game. They lost by point total (87-83), but the bigger loss is not giving the Michael Beasley-at-small-forward the full game. And that makes Eric Spoelstra angry. "We were sloppy, didn't play with energy," Spoelstra told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman after the game. Winderman was there, and he's so good that other beat writers call him "the master." His full recap is quite thorough, so check it out. Next game's a much larger test much closer to home. The team travels to Amway Arena in Orlando. amway_arena Yeah, that's high-quality photography. If I'm head coach Eric Spoelstra, I'm very handsome. I'm also preaching to Udonis Haslem and the rest of the team not to foul on Wednesday. Testing the game plan is the most important thing right now, even at the expense of wins. The Detroit Lions went 0-16 last season, but were undefeated in the preseason. Right now means nothing, unless you use it the right way and turn it into results in the regular season. Hopefully we'll see a good game plan test and a win on Wednesday. Until then, sleep well my Heat faithful.