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Does the Miami Heat have a stew going? Looking back after (just under) two weeks

Some people visiting NBA-themed blogs hope for serious statistical analysis of their favorite team. Some people want gratuitous Arrested Development references. Click for Carl Weathers' awesomeness Hopefully we'll have a little bit of both here. If you're a Miami Heat fan, you can have nothing but positive feelings after the first two weeks of the season. A team that was little regarded by the national press (undeservingly so, in my opinion) has gelled into a team that knocked off one of the Western Conference's really great teams. Don't kid yourself -- the Denver Nuggets are really, really good. They were two good inbounds passes away from knocking off the eventual champion Los Angeles Lakers. They've got another one of those super-duper stars in Carmelo Anthony (I've got an not-so-interesting Carmelo-related story from back home in Baltimore, I might tell it one day). So what do we make of this people? I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I've been very high on this team since before the season tipped off. I'm coming at this from a slightly biased perspective, but I do feel like I have some detachment from the team. With that being said, I think Miami did very well in their draft two years ago, and Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers will be big contributors on this team. If you've got a solid point and power forward, along with a hungry center, leader-guy small forward and an all-world shooting guard, you're going to be okay. Miami's going to have another test tonight against a team they beat last week, the Washington Wizards. I'm someone who genuinely believes Washington to be good as well, as long as Gilbert Arenas dodges the injury bug that has latched itself to his body. It's a team Miami should beat at home. If they do, there's no reason why Miami shouldn't go at least 4-1 on the current homestand, with the toughest game coming against the Cleveland Cavaliers. I'm going to have a word about that team, and a particular player on that team, later in the week. Until then, enjoy the big week of basketball in the Magic City. Do you think I'm right on the money? Think that I should be committed to an insane asylum? Somewhere in between? Leave it in the comments section people!