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Dwyane Wade erases memory of 47:56 of shoddy play, helps Heat edge Nets, 81-80

So that happened... I was all ready for my post this morning. I attended the game last night, and for about three hours, the Miami Heat and New Jersey Nets put on a fine impression of a high school basketball game. Shooting percentages were below 40 percent, turnovers abounded, and thanks to injuries on both teams, you saw players in roles they weren't supposed to be in. And then there was Dwyane. The Heat had just allowed a crippling tip-in by Brooke Lopez on a failed lay-up. There were four seconds left. Wade received the in-bounds pass, bobbled it for two seconds, and wound up holding it for about half a second. With Trenton Hassell in his face, he attempted his shot. Let's go to the videotape (skip ahead to 1:48 in the video). A lot of people wondered why I didn't talk about Wade's masterful dunk over Anderson Verajao on Thursday in my previous post. You know why? Tell 'em, Herm: You play to win the game, people. The Heat looked pretty dreadful last night. A few alley-oops aside, the game was almost eye-bleeding bad to watch. But Dwyane Wade made the play to win the game. Unfortunately, the guy who gets lost in the Wade fray is Udonis Haslem, who has absolutely taken to his sixth-man role and lead the team in scoring with 24. Check the Player Impact StatSheet and see just how important Haslem was. When others were failing, he was making plays. Jermaine O'Neal is expected back soon after his injury Thursday. There's no word on Mario Chalmers, who suffered a strained right shoulder early on last night. Losing two starters will certainly slow down your team, but eesh. The Heat have off until Tuesday, when they welcome the Oklahoma City Thunder to the AAA. Kevin Durant would greatly appreciate if the Heat play like they did Saturday night.