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Open Game Thread: Thunder @ Heat

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American Airlines Arena
Blogging for the enemy: Welcome to Loud City
Game Time: 7:30pm
TV: Sun Sports
Probable starters:
Russell Westbrook PG Mario Chalmers
Thabo Seflolsha SG Dwyane Wade
Kevin Durant SF Quentin Richardson
Jeff Green PF Michael Beasley
Nenad Krstic C Jermaine O`Neal

Heat tweet of the day- Mario Chalmers

mister6clutch: It's that time again tweet world. We gotta get this victory tonight. Big test vs them thunder boys but we gonna get I done. Atl we comin lol

I love that last part. You better believe that the Heat have not forgotten their 7-game slug fest with the Hawks last year. Tomorrow night....Miami at Atlanta...giggidy.