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Heat provide a moment of relief, losing in a very consistent manner to Oklahoma City Thunder, 100-87

This is the kind of game I'd been asking for! After about two months of games flipping and flopping back and forth, I really wanted to see a game that didn't test the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately for you fans, I forgot to also include a win in my request. game_flow_okc Game flow chart from Allow me to refine the game into a few short sentences. Dwyane Wade played well. As did Jermaine O'Neal. Daequan Cook shined. No one else sniffed double-digit scoring. Udonis Haslem got injured, but is expected to be okay for Atlanta. Kevin Durant? He good. A quick take on Oklahoma City. I think they're going to become what everyone's been waiting on from the Portland Trailblazers. They're really young and growing around each other. And how symbolic that it will be Kevin Durant and the Thunder flying up the Western Conference as Greg Oden and the Trailblazers have another year of almost. Do not sleep on Oklahoma City.

Player Impact chart from