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Through the Net: November 25, 2009 - Abe Pollin dies at age 85: Let me preface my upcoming statement with the following: There are a lot of people grieving now, not the least of which is the Pollin family and the Washington Wizards organization. Luckily, Mr. Pollin lived a full and prosperous life, and that's ultimately the most we can hope for. I'll be completely honest, I don't know how I feel about Abe Pollin. Even before his death, he was hailed as a great man who did great things for Washington, D.C. But being from Baltimore, I feel a bit of anger towards Abe. In case you don't know, the Washington Wizards used to be the Washington Bullets, who in turn used to be the Baltimore Bullets. If Abe Pollin never moved the team, perhaps I'm not aligning myself with the Miami Heat once I move to college. All hypotheticals, and certainly Pollin is not in the Maryland Hall of Shame alongside founding member Bob Irsay, but there is a bit of internal conflict today. Excuse my non-Heat related self indulgence. - Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade thrives at a distance: This isn't world-changing stuff, but three's are the best shot you can hit, unless someone listens to Antoine Walker and adds a four-point line. Jeff Shain does a bit of a breakdown of Dwyane Wade's development as a long-range threat. That's all the interesting stuff for the moment. Tonight the Heat travel to Orlando to play the Magic in the Multi-level Marketing Center (Amway Arena). Consider this your game thread as well. Last, but not least, have a very happy Thanksgiving!