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Game #16: Boston Celtics (12-4) vs. Miami Heat (9-6)

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Hey guys.  No, I didn't avoid writing a post-game blog because of how poorly the Heat played against the Wizards on Friday night.  I moved into a new a house and while we were supposed to have the Internet hooked up, it didn't quite work out that way.  Hopefully I'll be up and running very shortly, but in the meantime I greatly appreciate your patience.  For now, we'll count this as a post-game/pre-game blog. 

So yeah, last night was pretty bad.  D-Wade took way too many jumpers and seems to be shying away from his strength, which is driving the ball.  Mario Chalmers had a decent night...I love that he took 15 shots because he seems to be at his best when aggressive on the offensive end, but he seemed to struggle against Earl Boykins (who I'm sure the majority of you reading this are taller then).  Both Wade and Chalmers ended up with decent stat lines but any Heat fan watching knows that

Some positives from the game were Jermaine O'Neal, who continues to impress.  He and Mike Beasley scored the first 18 points for the Heat, and Jermaine again was dominant on the boards, coming down with 13. 

Moving on to tonight's HUGE redemption game, the Boston Celtics bring their ridiculous roster down to play in the Heat's house.  After playing at Cleveland in their season opener, Boston hasn't really had any road tests (until tonight..?).  They come in winners of three straight and four of the their last five, with the only loss coming at the hands of Orlando.

It will be tough for the Heat, who have been very inconsistent lately.  They have lost four of six and can't seem to get back to playing the way they did the first few weeks of the season.  Some of that may change as the Heat will likely welcome back Quentin Richardson, who anchored the Heat's defensive dominance during their hot start. 


  • The Heat have lost eight of their last nine against Boston, with the win coming last season.
  • Boston is coming off of a win against Toronto in which they shot a season high 62.3% from the field. 
  • D-Wade recorded only his second game this season scoring less then 20 points, but he had success against Boston last season, averaging 29.5 points in the four meetings between the teams.
  • Glen ‘big baby' Davis is out for Boston with a thumb injury and Tony Allen is probable with an ankle injury. 
  • Jermaine O'Neal should be in the lineup tonight, but may not join the team on their upcoming western road trip.  His uncle is very sick and Jermaine may head back to Columbia, SC to be with him.  For more info on this story, click here

Early 6pm tipoff from the AAA on a football Sunday.  It would be nice if a good crowd shows up, hopefully in a great mood after a Dolphins victory.