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Oh no, the undefeated season is ruined! Suns come back on Heat, win 104-96

Gosh that has to hurt. You eventually lose, but to lose like that will sting for a while. Miami had its hand on the throttle in the third quarter, and seemed poised to pull away and move to 4-0. But it all went wrong with about 2:00 left in the quarter. Solid defense and smart passing turned to sloppy play. Everything went wrong. And Phoenix remembered they had Steve Nash. Miami coughed up the lead late in the fourth and never caught up, falling to Phoenix, 104-96. Miami legitimately played well for a majority of the game, as players around Dwyane Wade contributed heavily, specifically Quentin Richardson. Take a look at Q's contributon in the chart compared to the superstar, and you'll see without Richardson, Miami's losing big.
Like I said, losses must come. But ever since the beginning of the preseason, Miami's had wild swings during games. Consistancy is an issue that must be resolved. To wrap up the analysis, check out this other chart from, which compares the "Four Factors of Winning" for both teams. Pretty cool stuff.
And I'd like to take a second out to say something about Alan Ogg. I wrote the following in the TrueHoop season preview:
Miami isn’t a very "adopt-a-lesser-known-player" type of town. As a city with a majority of minorities, the scrappy white player doesn’t have the same kind of charm as it does in a city like Boston (Brian Scalabrine, I’m looking at you).
That statement does hold true, but shows my lack of institutional knowledge of the Heat's early years. When I heard of Ogg's death and the subsequent reaction, I knew I had missed something. I've learned more about him in the days following his tragically young death, and even though I never saw him play or even recalled his name, I felt like I knew him. He was the guy who had the work ethic but maybe not the skills. He didn't have the best leaping ability but he had the crowd's backing, and sometimes that gets you up. I'm sad that it took something like this for me to learn about Alan Ogg, but I'm glad I learned about him, and hope the Miami fanbase can become that type of group once again.