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Turkey hangover? Miami Heat fall to Boston Celtics, 92-85

It was entertaining, for sure. It also highlighted why Heat fans should be optimistic for the future. However, it painfully answered the question I asked Saturday. We know where the heck this team is: right below the conference's elite. In a back and forth game, Miami simply didn't have 48 minutes of game in it, and the Heat fell to the Celtics, 92-85. The man of the match appeared to be Rajon Rondo, who had a double-double with 13 points and 11 assists. Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra was impressed, to say the least. From the Associated Press, via
"Those situations were created by that little guy," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "He was excellent tonight, really. ... I thought he controlled this game as well as anybody and I don't know if his stat line is really as indicative of how much impact he had on this game."
Anyone who doesn't factor Rondo's contribution into Boston's success is a damn fool, and the basketball world must have come around to that by now. It's not a "Big Three"; Rondo is the facilitator. But what to make of the Heat? The big object of note is Michael Beasley, who really shined in the fourth quarter. Jermaine O'Neal also played well, and if the Heat get those contributions, they'll win more than they lose. However, if Beasley is the only player on the Heat who makes a three-point basket, and he only makes two, that would be a problem. The Heat head to the West Coast now, where they'll take on the Trailblazers before travelling to Denver and Los Angeles. None of those games are easy by any stretch of the imagination, and after a slow second half of the month, a nice roadtrip could set the team's world right, while an 0-for could present some troubles heading into the holiday season. And who wants troubles during the holiday season?