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Michael Beasley's bench time getting lots of attention

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Less then 24 hours after the Heat moved to 4-1 on the young season, the hot topic is why hasn't Michael Beasley been involved more during the bigger minutes of the game.  People are up in arms about their starting power forward barely being used during the 2nd half of the last two games. 

Take a good look at Beasley.  He has shown some real flashes of greatness in many different ways, whether it be shooting, driving, rebounding...whatever.  But the lack of consistency is what keeps him from playing big minutes. Show me the game where Beasley is on fire, scoring at will and rebounding well, and I'll show you the game where he's on the floor in the final minutes instead of watching from the bench. 

I can't see blaming Erik Spoelstra for wanting to have more consistent players (Udonis Haslem and Quentin Richardson) in the game when one bad possession can really hurt you.  It's just a little frustrating when your former 2nd overall pick plays under 10 minutes in the 2nd half of back-to-back games.  He played 9:10 on Tuesday against the Suns and 9:45 Wednesday night in D.C, after which Coach Spoelstra explained why he left Beasley on the bench again.

"I struggled with it and I was thinking about it," Spoelstra said, "He's going to get his opportunity. We need him. We're going to need him to play an important role and tonight I just went a different direction with the guys that were in the game."

It appears that until Beasley can be count on as a guy who can deliver on both ends of the floor down the stretch, he'll continue to get minutes in the first three quarters so he can improve and further develop his game, but not when there is a premium of defense just as much as offense.   But with guys like Haslem and Richardson playing so well, it seems we only have things to look forward to.  The Heat are 4-1 and still getting better.  Wait until Daequan Cook and James Jones are back in the rotation...