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Heat hit the road, take a stop in Victoryville; Miami outlasts Washington, 93-89

I'm not going to go at great length about this game, as Miami won and that's almost all you need to know.. Some quick points:
-Miami still has a consistency issue that needs to be worked out somehow. It fine to win, but this kind of game will tax the team in the second half. When you're up big, you really need to find a way to hold it. -Quentin Richardson looks pretty pretty good. We'd heard he'd lost 25 pounds, and it's a contract year, and he was traded approximately 184 times in the offseason, but the fact is he's been a great option for the Heat through the first week. -Dwyane Wade's still got it. He got 40 points and shot over 50 percent. He looked good at everything but shooting against Phoenix, but this game really highlighted his offensive prowess like we really haven't seen yet this year. -The game's don't get any easier from here, as it's Denver on Sunday, Washington on Tuesday and Cleveland on Thursday, all at home. The see-saw act won't fly very far against those teams.
So now that that's out of the way, let's get to the serious business: PRIZES! The contest is officially closed, and the winner will be announced tomorrow at high noon. Be here to find out the champion!