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The winner of the season-opening contest is announced!

I was really excited for this, as the idea popped into my head about two weeks ago. I realized I wanted to see the Miami Heat's season opener against the New York Knicks, but then looked at the schedule and noticed it was also opening day for Michael Jackson's concert documentary, "This is It." I wanted to see that too. Turns out I saw neither that night, as work called me away. But it got me to thinking: In a tribute to the new season and the Jackson songbook, how many songs featuring Michael Jackson as the lead vocalist could I work into a general season preview post? Turns out, a lot. I received three correct answers to the contest challenge, pointing out the aforementioned connection. One person guessed 10. Another person guessed 12. But our champion, and winner of a $25 gift certificate to the Heat Team Store is Robert McClure, with a guess of 25 Michael Jackson songs mentioned in my post. Congratulations Robert! Since Robert didn't hit the nail on the head and win the $50 certificate, one or two of you may be asking how many songs did I actually pack into that post last week. The correct answer is 41 songs featuring Michael Jackson as the lead vocalist were used in the post. Don't believe me? Check out's song list and this highlighted version of the post (and Robert, I counted "Into the Closet"). Thanks for playing along everybody! (ed. note: The cheat sheet does not include the post's title, which includes the songs "This is It" and "Get on the Floor." There's 40 and 41.)