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Friday Funnies: I may have screwed up the contest a little bit

Not a traditional Friday Funnies, but if you like seeing me fail, get ready for a good laugh. I was so pleased from the contest I ran last week, and so excited to announce the winner of the big prize yesterday. I really thought everything went off without a hitch. However, I got a comment from lovely commenter Sam yesterday that stated he e-mailed me the answer to the contest last week, and got closer than the answer I announced. I read said comment and chuckled; silly boy, I'd been loving the answers pouring in all week, I checked my inbox 10 times a day, there's no way his e-mail got by me! But then I thought more. If he's commenting on this blog, he must be an upstanding member of society, a gentleman and a scholar. And then it hit me...perhaps his e-mail got caught in my spam filter somehow? Unlikely though it may seem, I decided to check and see if my spam filter caught his single e-mail to me. Surprise! Not only did it catch his, it caught a number of other people's. Don't ask me why, but it caught three additional answers, including two people who bettered Robert McClure's winning answer. So, what to do? Well, call it Christmas kiddies. Robert's going to get his gift card; I said he won it, and that will happen. However, the true winner and champion is Megan Maloney, with a closer-but-still-short 30 songs listed. Sam Putnam, the clever and observant commenter who noticed the inaccuracy, won't get the full $25 gift card, but will get to choose any item he wants from the Heat Team Store...'s $10 or less page. It's not the Full Monty, but it ain't half bad either. Meanwhile, I'm in the market for third and fourth jobs. Anyone pay in Miami Heat Team Store gift cards?