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Through the Net: December 15, 2009

NBA Fanhouse - Haslem Wishes to Remain w/Heat: Udonis Haslem has been a staple of the Miami Heat since he was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2003. However, his is one of many contracts the Heat holds which will expire at the end of the current season. With most teams preparing to make runs at the NBAs top dogs (Wade, Lebron, Amare, Bosh) Haslem could be a solid pick-up for almost any team. This is the first season which he is coming off of the bench and in doing so has become a vital spark off the bench for an offense that at times has become anemic as well as desperate for scoring and hustle. Haslem would like to stay with the Heat and possibly finish his career with the club. A Miami native and University of Florida alumni, Haslem claims that leaving not only would be hard for him personally but also a big adjustment, as he jokes he couldn’t survive in the snow. His future will most likely be decided by which type of players the Heat are able to bring in during the upcoming "free agent bonanza" in the summer of 2010. Haslem is currently earning $7.1 million and will probably be forced take a pay cut if he wants to stay on as a member of the Heat. The Heat say they want him back, but it will depend on who they can nab in free agency as it seems Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire are prime targets and it’s not clear whether they will be fond of playing the center position or not. Decisions will have to be made on both ends, but one thing is for sure, Udonis Haslem is and has been a blue collar worker, and a great teammate through and through. Dime Magazine - Rudy Gay – Memphis to Miami?: Dime Magazines Austin Burton makes a bold prediction that Rudy Gay will eventually sign a deal with the Miami Heat during the free agency period of the summer of 2010. There have been many different rumors and internet chatter regarding the Heat taking on Rudy Gay. Despite a sub-par year last season, he’s having a great season so far and even dropped a career-high 41 points on the Heat Sunday at AmericanAirlines Arena. Most of those 41 points came on dunks as he showed the Heat what they desperately lack, a small forward who is beaming with athleticism and an ability to get high percentage shots at will. At the Olympics Mini-Camp showcase, the "Blue v. White" game this past summer, Rudy was among the top performers as he went on and scored on 11-of-12 attempts from the field and 3-4 from 3-point, to finish as the game's top scorer with 27 points total. Many see him as a back-up plan if the Heat doesn’t manage to sign an "A-List" free agent. Memphis had a chance to resign him this summer, and passed – a decision they could definitely regret as Miami could offer the money, the fans, and the recognition an up and coming player like Rudy deserves. Back-up plan or not, I believe Rudy will get some big offers from teams smart enough to have realized his potential. RealGM – Shavlik We Hardly Knew Ye: Today via a Press Release, the Miami Heat announced that they are waiving Forward Shavlik Randolph. Heat President Pat Riley called Randolph the "ultimate professional". Randolph was signed in the offseason and was largely inactive for most games. He only got time in two games due to some injuries to other Miami players and totaled just two points, seven boards, and one blocks – all in 23 minutes. Here is wishing him the best in whatever his NBA future may hold. With a roster spot now opening up and a sense of sudden desperation among fans, could a signing be in the works? It would now seem like a possibility. The team has lost 10 of its last 15 and is past a lot of the "easier" part of their schedule. Could Mickey Arison be ready to go over the luxury tax just a little more in order to try and rev things up a little bit. So far the front office has stood pat on their plans for the Heats future direction but many will point out a need to try and keep Dwayne Wade happy upon is impending free agency.