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Didn't see that coming: Miami Heat roll over Orlando Magic, 104-86

Miami struggles at home. Mario Chalmers isn't committed to his team. Dwyane Wade's fat. And then you steamroll the conference champions and it all goes away for a day. So that was unexpected, to say the least. Orlando looked awful while Miami looked pretty darn good, on the way to a 104-86 victory. This was one of the games I'd asked for at the beginning of the season. Smooth. Consistent. Executed at a high level. Non-heart-attack inducing. And lo and behold, that's precisely what we got against one of Miami's marquee opponents. I'll be honest; I focused more on joking in the Daily Dime Live towards the second half, right before I damn near broke my toe. Dwyane Wade shot well from the floor and got his points and assists. Michael Beasley filled it up again. Carlos Arroyo didn't look bad stepping for Mario Chalmers. And Mr. Flavor of the Week Dorell Wright once again earns his per diem and game check. Orlando on the other hand looked bleh. 12 turnovers to Miami's 7. 32.1% three-point shooting to Miami's 50%. Sub-44% field goal percentage. They got out-rebounded for goodness sake! They just didn't do the things they're supposed to do well, and it cost them throughout the entirety of the game. It's not a ground-shifting moment in the East. Orlando's still much better off. Miami still has demons. But like in Los Angeles last week, Miami showed it can absolutely compete with the big boys. And this time they came out with a win.

All right, now for a little bit of funny on this Friday before Christmas. I've made shirts. That's right! My first design is a way to show Heat president Pat Riley who you want in the summer of 2010, using a familiar design to many people. If you're hoping for a change in the offseason, buy yourself a shirt! shirts There's no direct revenue stream for this website, just the advertisement you see on the side. I figured this would be a way to give something and maybe put a little jingle-jangle in my pockets. If there's a player you'd like to see paired up with Dwyane Wade (he's got to stay on there, he's in the banner!), just leave a comment or e-mail me and I'll make it for you. I'll be thinking of additional schwag to push, so if you come up with something, just e-mail me or comment and I'll do my best to turn it into a reality. I hope you all enjoy it, and maybe even decide to purchase one or twenty. Finally, you may notice the commenting system is a tad different. Threaded commenting is now available, which basically means you can reply more easily to someone else's previously-made comment. Makes the process of reading and understanding the comments much easier. If you'd like to react to someone's comment, just hit reply and you're off to the races. I guess that's about it for now. I'm visiting family over the weekend, so Jacob Fleming will probably pop in with a Through the Net at some point, and I'll be hovering with my two cents on whatever may happen. Enjoy your holidays if you're currently observing them, and if not, enjoy the run-up! I'll see you on Monday.