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Heat continue to struggle at home on a very rough Sunday

This recap has been extremely hard for me to get started on.  Sunday is my favorite day of the week for many many reasons, but it's mainly because of sports.  And yes, the root of it is of course football, but even after football season there always seem to be big hockey and basketball games on Sunday's in the winter and spring, and over the summer Sunday Night Baseball is almost always worth watching. 

Usually I can handle losses relatively well, although my future wife (together 7+ years) might say otherwise.  The point that I'm getting at in the midst of all these personal feelings is that today was just about as close to unbearable as any Sunday I can remember.  Obviously I'm talking about the Dolphins and Heat games from yesterday. 

I am well aware that this is a Miami Heat blog, and I have never strayed away from the team of topic but tonight I guess you could say I'm abusing my power.  Of course it isn't all about the games, as there are always outside factors that contribute to any game, day, blog, etc.  I finished watching the Heat game a little while ago as I usually do, a recorded version that I'm forced to watch late due to work or family matters or whatever (it's always fun trying to avoid the results for a few hours). 

While sitting here trying to get the blog going, I reflected on the day that just passed.  Unfortunately...this is basically all I've got (and my notes from the Heat game, of course).  The Dolphin game knocked me down and the Heat game finished me off.  I am a big Brandon Roy fan and I've always seen a lot of the same qualities in him that I see in Dwyane Wade.

Tonight, it was like getting slapped in the face by my own worries.  I saw Brandon Roy acting like the superstar that I don't understand why he isn't on a more consistent basis, and Wade...well nobody will ever fault him for not caring about his teammates or about winning.  I can't take anything away from the Blazers because they absolutely deserved to win.  It's never easy to win on the road, and I give our Heat plenty of credit for playing very tough at home (for the most part...but last night was no exception).  


  • What more can you say about Quentin Richardson and his value to this team?  I hope the Heat find a way to hang on to this guy.  7-for-7 from the field, all from beyond the arc. 
  • I was pretty surprised when James Jones got off the bench in the 1st half.  He hit his first trey, but hey...we always knew he could do that.  Obviously there is more to why he can't seem to get any consistent minutes.
  • Early foul trouble got Mario Chalmers off the bench in relief of Carlos Arroyo.  Neither one did much to impress me; although I still say that Arroyo is much better at running the offense.  Chalmers is rarely aggressive, which seems to be when he is at his best. 
  • Since missing two games due to family issues, Jermaine O'Neal hasn't gotten his rebounding edge back.   In four games he has 16 total boards (4 per game).
  • While Michael Beasley did a decent job as the #1 scoring option with Wade on the bench, it was pretty apparent that LaMarcus Aldridge held the upper hand in the matchup. 
  • Considering my already poor mood, I'm going to skip the Wade-bashing.  He didn't defer to his teammates much at all in the 4th quarter, which really threw a wrench into our offense.  He still can't hit outside shots with any kind of consistency (unless you call 35% consistent), make some really stupid mistakes and had poor shot selection in general.  There, that's all I'm gonna say. 

Yeah...I know that this wasn't my finest blogging hour.  I'm asking for something of as free pass from you guys because, quite frankly, it's been a very rough day for me.  Like I said, it's not all about sports, but overall I just wanna thank you for dealing with my night of venting.  I realize that I may not have made a ton of sense tonight, but I promise to be back to normal by the next blog.