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A Christmas present for Miami: Heat beat the New York Knicks, 93-87

The biggest gift Heat fans got this holiday? Knicks' bricks. New York's game-long struggles from the three-point arc and beyond sealed their fate, as Miami earned itself a Christmas ham in Madison Square Garden, 93-87. Pinning the victory solely on the Knicks' struggles fails to give credit to the Heat. The numbers were pretty even down the line, except turnovers. Heat had 11 to the Knicks' 5, with D-Wade accounting for four and my main man Mario "Supernintendo" Chalmers accounting for three (yes, I've decided to adopt him as my cause célèbre). The last time these teams tangoed it was decidedly more in the Heat's favor (enough to drop a Simpsons Paddlin' reference), but the "hot" team on the floor today was the Knicks, and Miami overcame that. It looks like the Heat is getting their mojo back after a lackluster month. And isn't that the greatest gift of all, Heat fans?