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That's the way it goes, almost doesn't count: Miami Heat fall just short of comeback, lose to New Orleans Hornets, 95-91

You know it's bad when I'm quoting Brandy lyrics in the post title... Let me ask you a question, reader. Would you rather have a comeback attempt fail, or just get blown out. Some people point to moral victories, but I think those are very few and far between. This just wasn't fun if you're supporting the Heat. Despite their best efforts and a heroic comeback attempt in the fourth quarter, Miami fell to New Orleans 95-91. You can't get too down, however; Miami won this game earlier in the season. A 102-101 nailbiter at home. That's what happens, you win that game at home and - more often than not - you lose that game on the road. I'm abbreviating my recap for a multitude of reasons. Check out the links for more info. Plus, enjoy the Player Impact chart. I know you guys love it.