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Game #18: Miami Heat (10-8) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (14-3)

First, a slight recap from last night, as I didn't get the chance to watch it until just now.

It didn't take the Heat long to play with Wade at the point.  Mario Chalmers was taken out just 5 minutes into the first quarter and replaced by James Jones.  Beasley was working more from the outside early on, a complete contrast to the way he'd been succeeding recently.  It showed, as Beas hit only 1-of-4 long J's in the opening quarter.  As a team Miami shot just 33% in the quarter, but held Denver under 40%.

Beasley came right out in the 2nd quarter and drove on Melo, finishing nicely off glass.  Then on the Heat's next possession Beas showed his range hitting a 20-foot J over Anthony.  When Wade isn't on the floor, its pretty obvious who the Heat go to for scoring.  Unfortunately the Heat went dry as Denver got hot, going on an 13-0 run to push their lead up to 14 half way through the quarter. 

That is where the game starts getting ugly, so since I'm already running behind I'll spare the details.

Moving on to tonight...

So yeah, the Heat get a quick chance to rebound from the ugliness in Denver, but they have to do it against the best in the West, the Lakers. Los Angeles is a good team who have been fortunate, playing a ridiculous amount of home games to start the season.  Of their 17 games this season, 13 of them have been at home. 

A couple positive things to take from last night:  Daequan Cook going 2-for-2 from three point range.  Mike Beasley gets 17 and 7 on an ‘off' night...that's my kind of off night.  Despite shooting terrible in the 1st half, D-Wade would finish 8-of-20, good for 25 points and 10 boards, his 2nd double double of the season. 


  • The Heat are 1-1 this season in the second game of back-to-backs. 
  • Los Angeles is currently on a 7-game winning streak. 
  • Miami has lost four straight at the Staples Center.

Tonight the Heat are on ESPN with tipoff coming at 10:30.  Hard to imagine they'll look any worse then last night, but they are playing the Lakers...