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Hey, this game wasn't soul-crushing! Miami dominates Sacramento, 115-102

Hey, that game was nice, right? A easy, breezy win from beginning to end. No stress, no worries, just a nice experience. (Look, I know you're still trying to get over Friday night. It's a long process. You need to find the happy things in life. Puppy dogs, rainbows and wins like Sunday night's.) Dwyane Wade looked angry. And you wouldn't like him when he's angry. A little double-double action with a 34-10 is a good way to get over Friday's loss. Dorell Wright also had a very nice game, with 19 points and five assists. Overall, the Heat had five players in double-figure scoring (Wade, Wright, Richardson, Beasley and Haslem) and won the game on shooting percentage (58.6% for Miami, 46.8% for Sacramento). So it's a 2-2 West Coast Swing that was painfully close to 3-1. That Lakers game will linger, but Miami has to like coming off the road with a .500 record. Off until Friday, when Dallas comes to the AAA. Enjoy the rest fans and work through the five stages. P.S.: For those of you in the comments who wondered why players don't throw the ball up or around to kill clock, I agree with you, but the first clip in the video is why. Buckhanz is both clah-sick and epick: