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Through the Net: December 8, 2009

Off the Dribble -The Magic of Kobe: I know you don't want to review the events of last Friday, but Larry Coon of the New York Times' "N.B.A." blog really delves into Kobe Bryant's shot-making ability at the end of games. A little indulgent, but a very interesting read. HoopsWorld - 5 Things We Learned In The NBA This Week: I like HoopsWorld, but in their five things, the first involves a "frustrated" Dwyane Wade. Look, that may or may not be true, but pretty much any player could have the "frustrated" tag placed on them during the course of the season. I say meh. Associated Press (via Los Angeles Times) -VH1 to air 'Basketball Wives,' inside look at the lives of NBA players' wives, girlfriends : This. will. NOT. end. well.