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Pat Riley Still Exploring Options

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The Heat may not be done dealing before Thursday's trade deadline.  With the loss of Marcus Banks in the Shawn Marion/Jermaine O'Neal trade, the Heat have a hole at the bottom of the point guard food chain.   This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but think about this:  What happens if Mario Chalmers has to miss any kind of time?  BOOM Chris Quinn is starting.  Or D-Wade plays the point while Daequan starts.  I know that sounds great, but believe me...we don't want Wade playing point guard.  During a conference call on Friday, Pat Riley said he plans to address the Heat's need for a 3rd PG, so lets see what options the Heat may have.

If the Heat plan on making a trade, there are limited options available.  Earl Watson is being dangled by the Thunder and could be targeted by Riley.  There is also the possibility of Portland making Sergio Rodriguez available, as they are also deep at PG.  The question is, who will the Heat give up?  James Jones or Yakhouba Diawara are some of our more expendable players, and I think you can now throw Jamaal Magloire in the mix.  I can't see the Heat letting go of Joel Anthony now that they can use him exclusively off the bench, just like I cant see anybody being interested in obtaining Mark Blount and his $8 million salary.  

How about the waiver wire?  So glad you asked.  Here is a list of point guards that could be waived by the March 1st deadline:  Jamaal Tinsley, Damon Jones and Stephan Marbury.  I like the idea of bringing in Tinsley, a good defender, who will be better suited with a strong supporting cast around him.  It's still up in the air as to what Indiana will do with him, but at this point a buyout or waiving seems appropriate.  



Shawn Livingston...remember him?  Well he may be available; after being traded from Miami to Memphis he was cut by the Grizz shortly after and has been chilling in Miami since.  Shawn could be a quick fix, being that he is familiar with Miami's playbook, but his limited playing time is a factor still, as it was back in January.