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Tuesday McNuggets




Shawn Marion Speaks

It didn't take Marion long to let Heat fans know ‘Hey, you were right' when saying they were getting a watered down version of the Shawn Marion they saw in Phoenix.  It took the first public comments by Marion to the Toronto Media for him to tell his new hometown "I wasn't as effective as I could've been".     

Marion said he should be better suited for the Raptors, which hope to have an up-tempo style: "The game is supposed to be exciting. I'm tired of playing that boring style, half court, just watching everybody go up and run a play, call this play, run this play. That's boring, I'm not going to lie to you, and I know fans don't enjoy it, either. It's cool when you get a couple of highlights here and there, but people like to see teams have high-scoring games and dunks and stuff, that's what it's all about."


Trade Talk

Tyson Chandler was traded from New Orleans to Oklahoma City in exchange for Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox, as well as the draft rights to DeVon Harden, last years 50th overall pick.  The big loser in this trade is Chandler, who goes from Playoff bound New Orleans to last place Oklahoma City.  The trade also gives you an indicator to the directions both teams are looking towards. 

Here is a list of ‘big' name players whose names are being mentioned and are possibly available for movement.  Amare Stoudemire, Caron Butler, Antawan Jamison (possibly going to Cleveland for Wally Szczerbiak), Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Gerald Wallace, David Lee (if the Knicks want to clear up more cap space)

Heat Dangling Daequan? 

ESPN is reporting that the Heat are offering Daequan Cook in exchange for either Raymond Felton or Kyle Lowey.  Are we THAT in need of a point guard that we are willing to give away Dae-Dae?  I think that's crazy, and that it's possible that Pat Riley may be seeing what the value of Cook is after the national attention he got for winning the 3-Point Shootout during All-Star Saturday.