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Deadline Update

The NBA Trade Deadline passed at 3pm today, and here is a list of what happened as of 4pm.

The Knicks acquired Larry Hughes from Chicago in exchange for Tim Thomas, Jerome James and Anthony Robertson.  They also sent Malik Rose and some cash to Oklahoma City for Chris Wilcox. 

3-Way deal involving the Magic, Rockets and Grizzlies.  The Magic fill the ‘Jameer Nelson’ void by nabbing Rafer Alston from Houston, who get Kyle Lowry from Memphis and Brian Cook from the Magic.  Memphis will get a first round pick from Orlando.
I’m not looking forward to seeing Rafer more often; we all know how well he can shoot the ball.  Memphis getting a 1st round pick for Kyle Lowry is big. 

The Raptors acquired a big guy to help fill the void left by Jermaine O’Neal, getting Patrick O’Brien from the Celtics for Will Soloman.  Boston now has 4 options at point guard.

Throughout the day there were rumors of Shaq heading to Cleveland for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic, but in the end Phoenix didn’t want to part with Shaq just yet.  Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter were thrown around in talks early in the day, but neither player would move. 

The Heat held back from making any moves, but looking at what was given up for the point guards that were traded, I’m glad we didn’t.  The only players I could’ve parted ways with were James Jones or Diawara, but I doubt either player by himself would’ve merited a decent point guard in return. 

We still have until March 1st to see if anybody gets waived.  Stephon Marbury, Jamaal Tinsley and Sam Cassell are the best options at point guard that could become available, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about Marbury.  I really can’t see Riley bringing in such a troubled player to our very young and possibly impressionable squad.  Tinsley would have to take a back seat to Chalmers if he came and I don’t know how cool he would be with that.  Cassell might be our best bet, but as I said, we have no control over making any of these guys available.  Just gonna have to keep our fingers crossed.

[Note by DolPhanDave, 02/19/09 4:21 PM EST ]

Oklahoma City makes another deal, this one for Chicago's Thabo Sefolosha in exchange for a 1st round pick.

Toronto has also delt Will Soloman to Sacramento for a 2nd round pick and cash considerations.


[Note by DolPhanDave, 02/19/09 5:25 PM EST ]

It's now a 3-way trade between Toronto, Sacramento and Boston.  The Kings get Will Soloman from Toronto who get Patrick O'Brain from Boston.  Boston gets a conditional 2nd round pick from the Kings.  This deal also may mean the end to Mikki Moore's run in Sacramento, who may be waived to make room for Will Soloman's contract.

This makes more sense then the deal reported earlier that send Soloman to Boston, who already have 3 point guards.