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Rotation Issues Coming To A Point

There are some conflicting stories circulating their way around the South Florida media involving D-Wade playing the point.  There are some who think it’s a bad idea, that despite how well things worked out against Detroit, those are not circumstances that will continue for Miami.  If Wade becomes our consistent back-up point guard option, there are some effects that it may have: 

Opposing teams will start to include Wade as a point guard to their scouting reports and make him work a lot harder then he did against the Pistons.  Wade was able to just walk the ball up court and pick-n-choose what he wanted to do (keep it himself or get his teammates involved).  I can’t see many teams allowing Dwayne that kind of freedom while handling the ball.

Once Wade at the point becomes part of opposing scouting reports, it will mean point guards picking him up 94 feet, making him work his way across the time line, harassing him enough to perhaps diminish his energy for when it's needed in the waning minutes.  Detroit was kind enough to do none of those things. Teams with scrappy point guards won't be nearly as forgiving. Can you envision Wade chasing Nate Robinson on Saturday night on the second night of a back-to-back? (Then again, could you envision Chris Quinn doing that?)

For those who think it’s a good idea for Wade to play the point, you have to understand that there is a ‘bigger picture’ then just one good game.  I think the best thing would be to insert Wade once in a while at the point, mainly when we are in need of defensive stops.  Ideally, Chalmers will stay out of foul trouble and play 30+ minutes, leaving the options wide open for Spoelstra to choose from. 

I know some of you are remembering the 3-point shooting of Quinn and the way he really picked his game up for us last season.  However, this is a much different Heat team then the ‘desperate for a win’ club of 07-08.  Defense comes first with the Heat and Chris Quinn just doesn’t cut it.  I know he is always trying hard and he can hit some threes, but he is just too much of a liability.  Also, since he was ‘benched’ for Marcus Banks way back in December, his shot seemed to lose some of its accuracy.   He was shooting the lights out in November, but since the ‘Banks experiment’ he’s really struggled compared to how he started out the season. 

Moving on from the point guard issue, there are still some other things that Coach Spo has to figure out.  Who is our starting small forward?  I think we can all agree that Yakhouba Diawara is not the answer.  I like Kooba and I think he plays great defense, which is why he is starting right now…but I don’t have any confidence in his offense. He averages 2.6 three-point shots per game and makes 34.1% of them.  Granted, Shawn Marion was much worse from beyond the arc (20%), but he made up for it with his cutting/slashing into the painted area for easy buckets. 

The funny thing is that once James Jones returns to form (fingers crossed!), he should be the starter with Jamario Moon coming off the bench.  This will mean the banishment to the end of the bench for Diawara.  For now, he is our starter, but that could change as soon as this weekend.