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Thursday McNuggets

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Didn’t take the Magic long to try and make up for the loss of Jameer Nelson.  They re-acquired PG Tyronn Lue from Milwaukee for SG Keith Bogans and cash.  Orlando should know exactly what they are getting in Lue, a decent shooter who can dish the ball pretty well.

In related news, replacing Jameer Nelson on the Eastern Conference All-Star team will be the Celtic’s Ray Allen.


Elton Brand is out for the rest of the season, deciding to have shoulder surgery and not continue his attempt to play through the pain.  The poor production that Brand has provided the Sixers has caused nobody to be that upset in Philly.  He still has 4 years left on his $80 million contract.


Only a handful of games tonight, and just 1 relevant east playoff race (IND @ PHI).
TNT has a nice doubleheader going, starting with the Lakers @ Boston and then Dallas @ Utah.