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Hawks beat Heat in meaningless game number 1; Miami finishes regular season at home tonight against Detroit in meaningless game number 2


It was nice to see the effort from some of our ‘less used’ players, but other then Michael Beasley there wasn’t a lot to be excited about during last night’s game.  I’m not saying that some of our guys didn’t play well, but this game saw the Heat playing without four of their regular starters.  C’mon now…we had enough trouble winning on the road this year with ALL of our starters, how we gonna do it with only one?

Beasley was great from the opening tip, and while the Heat were in the midst of an opening quarter shooting slump, B-Easy took the team on his shoulders and single handedly kept the team close enough to the Hawks early on that the Heat were able to take a slim lead after the 1st quarter.  He would finish with his 3rd straight double double (23 and 13) and hit another three.

I realize that the Heat losing by 2 points can be disheartening, but look at the personnel that Miami went with in the final minutes.  When Mark Blount and Dorell Wright are on the floor during crunch time, you can’t think that Heat coaches were overly concerned with the outcome of tonight’s game.

Overall, there isn’t a whole lot we can get from these final two games that can be considered a ‘warm-up’ for the playoffs.  I don’t expect that we’ll be seeing any kind of extended minutes out of guys like Chris Quinn, Dorell Wright and Joel Anthony, who all played over 24 minutes in Atlanta and will likely see similar playing time tonight against Detroit. 


While Daequan Cook was having an ‘off’ night (to put it mildly) it appeared to be nothing more then just that…with his sore shoulder not appearing to be much of a problem anymore. 

Chris Quinn on the other hand was gross last night…and not in a good way.  How does our ‘offensive bench point guard’ who only comes in the game to drill jumpers and really nothing else, go 0-for-9 from the field and 0-for-4 from beyond?  I’ve never seen that poor a shooting game from Quinny.

After limping off the court early in the game, Mario Chalmers returned and promptly hit a couple trays.  He is expected to get the start again tonight and become the first Heat rookie to start all 82 games, no easy feat for a rook.

Dorell Wright had a pretty solid game and showed a couple glimpses of the player the Heat may have expected when using a 1st round pick on him, but after tonight against Detroit we wont be seeing Wright do anything but watching the Heat during their (hopefully long) playoff run.

Did anyone notice that Diawara was on the floor for over 30 minutes?  No?  Didn’t think so.

James Jones had an O.K. game, but its still very frustrating that he is only a shadow of the guy we have grown accustomed to drilling three-pointers and playing pretty solid D.  While the D is pretty much where it should be, his offense is nothing compared to years past. 


A meaningless game for both teams as they are cemented into their respective playoff seeds. Expect more of the same out of Miami tonight, and I’m sure you’ll see players on the floor for Detroit that you haven’t heard much of.  That means get ready for a healthy dose of Walter Hermann, Amir Johnson, and maybe even Walter Sharpe (who?).