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Relax, Dwyane Wade isn't going anywhere

First, I want to say that I don’t think Dwyane Wade will re-sign this summer, and that is not reason to panic.  There are very few professional athletes, especially ‘superstars’ of their game, that have the integrity, passion and genuine heart that it takes to be perfectly open about their desire to stay with one team, one city, for an entire career. 

It’s no knock on D-Wade if he isn’t one of those guys.  Doesn’t mean he isn’t a great guy…he just isn’t THAT guy.  Now I also think Wade will definitely re-sign with Miami, with no doubt in my brain. This waiting thing…it’s just how the game is played.  Once in a while, sure…you’ll get someone who doesn’t fit the mold, but not often, and not here. 

More so, I think Wade is going to attract some big name free agent (assuming we don’t trade for one first) to come here and make a run at a dynasty.  And regardless of how you may have voted on our recent poll on trading Michael Beasley for Chris Bosh, it doesn’t change that Beasley will absolutely become a star in this league.


I really like Jamario Moon.  I would love to see him in a Heat uniform next season, but I don’t see it happening.  He is a restricted free agent, so the Heat could potentially match any offer made to Moon.  If I had to guess, that will probably be around $1 million, possibly going up to $1.2-1.3 range. 

Beyond that price tag, the Heat also have a lot of guaranteed money tied up with their other small forwards.  James Jones, Yakhouba Diawara and Dorell Wright are all under contract, and we cant forget that the Heat plan to convert Michael Beasley to their starting small forward.   I’d love to trade Moon for Kooba or Dorell ‘nice suit’ Wright, the reality is that the Heat re-upping with Moon just doesn’t make sense. 


I’ll finish with something that I’m sure has crossed many-a-Heat fan’s mind over the past week….but being that I have the voice to reach many, I shall speak for the ones who don’t (and I apologize if you don’t feel this way).  It’s more then just annoying watching the Hawks get trounced by Cleveland.  Now I wont lie…had the Heat advanced, I would’ve had Cleveland in 6 (and that’s my ‘homer’ pick), but come on!  I can guaran-damn-tee you that the Heat would’ve put up a much better fight then this. 

I just kinda sat back rolling my eyes at the first two blowouts in Cleveland…those were expected.  Then came today’s game…when I watched with curious eyes the Hawks hitting J’s, not looking lost and bored on offense, and thought maybe, just maybe, Atlanta could pull another ‘08 first round’.  Nah.  I’ll give them the little bit of credit they deserve for actually holding the lead in this one, going up 65-64 with just under 4 minutes left in the 3rd.  What sucks is how they played after they claimed the lead…or should I say, when Cleveland woke up.  Atlanta wouldn’t score again until the 4th quarter, and scored only 4 points over a span of 10:32 in the final two quarters (a 20-4 Cavs run). 

Where’s that toughness?   Apparently, LeBron is above being roughed up, but not Dwyane Wade.  I don’t see anybody taunting King James or getting in his face.  There is an obvious respect that the Cavs are getting from the Hawks.