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6 Years of Heat draft picks: Who did we miss out on?


This is the 2nd half of our look back on past Heat drafts. I showed you all the picks the Heat have made since D-Wade, but now I’ll list the players the Heat could have drafted…the guys that we’re scooped up after our picks.

Make sure you notice the pick numbers, and in come cases see who was taken the pick right after the Heat. When the guy picked after your guy ends up being great, it explains the 2007 draft day trade for Daequan Cook. Good call there. Does that mean that O.J. Mayo was the pick to make instead of Michael Beasley?

2003 Draft
- Heat select Dwyane Wade with the 5th overall pick and in Round 2 (pick 33) selected F Jerome Beasley.
Pick 38- G Steve Blake
Pick 42- F Zaza Pachulia
Pick 45- F Matt Bonner
Pick 47- G Mo Williams
Pick 49- F James Jones
Pick 51- Kyle Korver

2004 Draft- Heat select Dorell Wright with the 19th overall pick and in Round 2 selected C Albert Miralles with the 39th pick and F Matt Freije with the 53rd pick. I’ll start with the first guy drafted after Dorell.
Pick 20- G Jameer Nelson
Pick 24- G Delonte West
Pick 25- G/F Tony Allen
Pick 26- G Kevin Martin
Pick 27- G Sasha Vujacic
Pick 28- G Beno Udrih
Pick 30- F Anderson Varejao
Pick 38- G Chris Duhon
Pick 43- F Trevor Ariza

2005 Draft- Heat select F Wayne Simien with the 29th overall pick in Round 1.
Pick 30- F David Lee
Pick 33- F Brandon Bass
Pick 34- G CJ Miles
Pick 37- F Ronny Turiaf
Pick 39- G Von Wafer
Pick 40- G Monta Ellis
Pick 49- F Andray Blatche
Pick 50- F Ryan Gomes
Pick 56- F Amir Johnson

2007 Draft (Miami had no picks in 2006)- Heat select Jason Smith with the 20th overall pick, then immediately trade him to Philadelphia for the 21st overall pick Daequan Cook (and cash). Miami also selected C Stanko Barac with the 39th overall pick in Round 2.
Pick 23- F Wilson Chandler
Pick 24- G Rudy Fernandez
Pick 26- G Aaron Brooks
Pick 31- G Carl Landry
Pick 35- F Glen Davis
Pick 48- C Marc Gasol
Pick 49- C Aaron Gray

2008 Draft
- Heat select Michael Beasley with the 2nd overall pick and acquire Mario Chalmers’ rights from Minnesota in exchange for 2 future 2nd round picks and cash considerations. They also selected F Darnell Jackson with the 52nd overall pick and traded him to Cleveland. Nobody chosen after him has done anything of note…yet.

Still think our drafts have been good? Our two best (and most obvious) picks have been lottery picks (Wade and Beasley) and our two possible wild-cards are Cook and Chalmers, with a slight chance of Dorell Wright. But do all those names reach out and smack you in the face, or are you cool with what we have?