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Weekend Video Time: Long Live King James

I was at Irish Kevin's last night (a bar in Key West...for those non-Floridians) during the 4th quarter of the Cavs-Magic game.  Talk about insane!  I've been saying that Hedo Turkoglu is a clutch outside shooter and last night came as no shock to me, although the shot he hit to put the Magic up by 2 with 1.0 second left was a ridiculously lucky shot.  But the shot by LeBron was what playoff basketball is all about.  He got his separation from Hedo (not a foul, by the way), caught the ball and put it up in one motion. 

I know I said that the Lakers-Nugs series would be sick and that the Eastern Finals were a wild-card, but DAMN!!  There is some great basketball suddenly being played by the NBA's Final Four....all we had to do was get rid of the other 12 teams. case you missed it, after the jump you'll find the game-winning shot by King James that tied up their series at 1. 

Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend...I'll be back on top of the Heat news when I get back to the mainland.  :o)