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Am I smiling or am I frowning...?


I'm just heading out the door to work, so I'll have to keep this short and sweet.  Going to leave you with the few Hot Reads I could find about the Heat (or at least Heat-related) in the local media...unfortunately there just isn't much going on right now. 

Ira Winderman: Common agent, common bond for Wade, Bosh?

Heat marquee to spash adds, messages across American Airlines Arena

Playground legend Rafer Alston finds his niche with Orlando Magic

Heat Blogs

Herald (Wallace)

Sun-Sentinel (Ira)

Palm Beach Post (Perkins)


It's too bad that the Heat blogs are mostly filled with stories about the Magic...but I guess thats just what happens at this time of year. One of the good things about the playoffs winding down is that the attention will shift to the off-season and impending free-agents.  This should stir up some interesting conversation among Heat fans, so the question looms 'what will the Heat do?  Attack this summer's UFA's or stand 'pat' until next year?'