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Weekend Video Time: Dwyane Wade vs the Knicks- 2009 Edition

Taking a page from ThePhinsider playbook, we're going to do some weekend videos here at PIM.  I thought a great way to go this weekend would be with Dwyane Wade's rediculous home games against the New York Knicks.

The first video is of the February 28th game in which the Heat were down by 15 going into the 4th quarter.  Wade scored 46 points (24 in the final quarter) and got a bloody lip thanks to Knicks rookie Danilo Gallinari.  After the game, Coach Spoelstra said "He had that look in his eye that we hadn't seen since Dallas,".


The second video can be found after the jump...

This is from D-Wade's last game of the regular season, game 80 for the Heat.  Wade was in the midst of perhapps his hottest streak as a professional and the Knicks seemed to be his favorite opponent after the new year.  Enjoy!