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Hot Hot Hoops launches: How the Heat and I aren't all that much different

And so it begins… Unfortunately, I can’t start with an exclusive one-on-one with Dwyane Wade or a player-by-player breakdown of the draft. What I can start with is who I am. I graduated from the University of Miami just over a month ago in Broadcast Journalism and Economics. I’m a gigantic sports fan, but ironically came onto professional basketball late in the game (2005), although as a former resident of the state of Maryland, I lived and breathed college hoops. I know Shane Battier not as Daryl Morey’s wet dream, but the guy from Duke who ruined the turn of the millennium for me. When I came to the University of Miami in 2005, I decided to adopt the local team as my own (the Washington Wizards moved from Baltimore, so I never identified with them). The power of my fanhood promptly lead the Heat to the 2006 NBA Finals and an incredible comeback against the Dallas Mavericks. So yeah, I’m kind of important (disregard the 2007-2008 season). So how does my analysis come in? I feel like the Heat and I are in very similar situations. It’s kind of a limbo situation. As a recent college graduate, I recently got a job (yes, I’m very lucky) but still am trying to find my way though things, wondering which direction I should go. The Heat is in the same boat. Just three year from lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy, the team has a superstar that seems unwilling to resign before testing free-agency's money-filled waters. At the same time, the team has a president who seems unwilling to rebuild the superstar a truly competitive team until he resigns. Plus, without the availability of a first-round draft pick this year, the likelihood of major change is small. However, everyone acknowledges that it needs to happen, and that it will happen, that’s it’s only a matter of time. In the meantime, the team waits in limbo. So that’s where you come in. You want to know where this team is going. You own season tickets, or have a Heat license plate or simply have a curiosity about Miami basketball. I’m here to quench that. Like I said, I’m at a new place and trying to go with it. Posts from now on will be less personal, but I do interject personality. Have input? Something you want to see? Let me know. I might not add it right away, but I’m always listening. A blog is only as good as its commenters. I won’t be perfect, but I will be real. You may disagree, and you might not be wrong. But get on board with me. Thanks for stopping by, and if you like me, tell a friend, post a link, or set a bookmark. Let’s get it started.