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Through the Net: June 24, 2009

South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Chris Quinn picks up 2009-10 option on Miami Heat contract: Ira Winderman has the details on Quinn picking up his option. As the story says, Miami now has 11 players under contract, and Pat Riley said the team would only carry 13 this season. If they match Jamario Moon and Joel Anthony, that would bring the total to 13, not counting the draft pick. That could be a problem if Riley is to be believed. Miami Herald - Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade, Pat Riley need a little face to face: Greg Cote's addressing the Riley/Dwyane Wade Mexican Standoff in his column today, and his point is kind of easy to agree with. These guys will, at some point, just have to sit down and talk. My take? If Wade is serious about winning, let Pat back up the money truck and get him Chris Bosh. Wade, Bosh and Chalmers could be a sick pairing next year and definitely turn some heads in the East. Otherwise, it'll likely be another first-round exit for a team struggling to find its place. Miami Herald - For Miami Heat's Michael Beasley, what a difference a year makes: Good profile by Michael Wallace on the development of Michael Beasley and the lessons he learned after his rookie year. He and Blake Griffin really do have similar backgrounds, and that should be something Clippers fans take to heart before he takes the court for the Clippers (slight leap of faith, it is the Clippers after all) next year.