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BREAKING NEWS: Alonzo Mourning joins Heat front office as Vice President of Player Programs and Develoment

It certainly didn't take Alonzo very long after announcing his retirement to return to the Miami Heat.  Unfortunately, Zo's playing days are over, but he will still have an impact on what we see from our Miami Heat on the basketball court.  Alonzo has accepted an offer to become the Vice President of Player Programs and Development.  Basically, he will be a mentor to our younger players and help the team off the court without being 'a coach', which Zo said he could never do because of his lack of patience. 

Don't get me wrong, I love bringing Alonzo back to be a part of the Heat, but does anyone else find the timing convenient?  Right after a very busy NBA Draft day in which the Heat do nothing while their Eastern Conference competitors have made moves to improve themselves, the Heat throw this 'distraction' at you.  I'm just sayin...